Transnational Communities Programme

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Michaelmas Term Seminars 2001
'Transnationalism and Migration'


18th October

"Transnational social formations"

Steven Vertovec, University of Oxford

25th October

"Configurations of Chinese migration to Europe"

Frank Pieke - University of Oxford

1st November

"State, space and human relations - the lives of migrant domestic workers"

Bridget Anderson - University of Warwick

8th November

"Families and ex-patriate seafaring communities"

Erol Kavechi - University of Wales

15th November

"Mobilisation of exile communties in post-conflict reconstruction - comparing Bosnia and Eritrea"

Nadje Al-Ali - University of Sussex

Cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

22nd November

"The ship as a transnational community"

Tony Lane - University of Wales

29th November

"Transnationalism and return migration as keys to development: the case of West Africa"

Richard Black - University of Sussex

6th December

"Expatriates: the British and Singaporeans in China"

Katie Willis - University of Liverpool


All seminars on Thursdays, 2.00 - 3.30 pm
Senior Common Room, School of Geography
University of Oxford, Mansfield Road


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