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Transnational Communities Programme

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Seminars Hilary 1999

Transnational Spaces, Cosmopolitan Places

28 January Dr Thomas Faist, University of Bremen

Transnationalism and Models of Citizenship: National, Multicultural and Transnational

4 February Dr Neil Melvin, Department of Politics, University of Leeds

The Russian diaspora and nation-building in Former Soviet Territories

11 February Professor Robert Parkin, Anthropology, University of Kent

The development of regional identities in an integrating Europe: a challenge to the nation state?

18 February Dr Nick Henry, Department of Geography, University of Birmingham

Transnational Economic Space? Birmingham: Postcolonial workshop of the world

25 February Professor Tony Lane and Dr Erol Kahveci. Department of Maritime Studies and International Transport, University of Cardiff

to be announced

4 March Dr Ayse Caglar, Institute of Ethnology, Free University, Berlin

Urban spaces, popular culture and the new scripts of 'community': German-Turks in Berlin

11 March Dr Marco Martiniello, University of Liege

Multi-level politics in a transnational social space: The case of Brussels


All Seminars on Thursdays, 2.00 - 3.30 p.m.

Senior Common Room, School of Geography, Mansfield Road



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