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Transnational Communities Programme

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Seminars Trinity Term 2000

‘Economic Sociology of Transnationalism’

4 May

Dr Ayse Caglar, Institute of Ethnology, Free University, Berlin

Media Corporatism and Cosmopolitanism

11 May

Professor Danny Miller, University College London

Ethnography, the Internet and Diaspora Nationalism

18 May

Professor Alan Bryman, Loughborough University

The Disneyization of Society - Continuities and Discontinuities with McDonaldization

25 May

Professor Simon Frith, University of Stirling

World Music - Globalization from Above and Below

1 June

Dr Roger Ballard, University of Manchester

The dynamics of transnational process: some reflections on South Asian developments

8 June

Dr Claire Dwyer, Dr Philip Crang, University College London and Professor Peter Jackson, University of Sheffield

Tracing Transnationalities through Commodity Culture

15 June****

Professor Manuel Castells, University of California Berkeley

Global Networks and Local Societies: Cities in the Information Age

22 June

Professor Alejandro Portes, Princeton University

Measuring Transnationalism: Determinants and Effects among Latin American Immigrants in the United States

All seminars on Thursdays, 2.00 - 3.30 pm
Clay Room, Nuffield College,
University of Oxford
**** Note in conjunction with The Linacre Lectures, 5.30 pm, Lecture Theatre A Zoology/Psychology Building, South Parks Road




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