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Transnational Communities Programme

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Seminars Trinity Term 1999

‘Transnational Religious Communities: Muslim and Hindu movements and networks’

29 April

Professor Paul Lubeck, University of California, Santa Cruz

Global Islam

6 May

Professor Peter van der Veer, Research Centre Religion and Society, University of Amsterdam

Cosmopolitanism, Secularism and Transnational Religion

13 May

Professor Dale F. Eickleman, Dartmouth College

Shifting Centres and Emerging Peripheries: The Changing Political Geography of Muslim Transnationalism

20 May

Professor Werner Schiffauer, Europa University, Viadrina, Frankfurt

Islamism in the Diaspora, The fascination of political Islam among second generation German Turks

27 May

Dr Rohit Barot, University of Bristol

Local, global and transnational: the case of the Swaminarayan movement

3 June

Dr Jocelyne Cesari, The Vernon Center for International Affairs, New York University

Islam in the West: the issue of pluralism in the context of globalization

10 June

Dr Chetan Bhatt, University of Essex

Ideologies of Indigenism

18 June (Friday)

Dr James Piscatori, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

On Transnational Religious Communities



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