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Previous Events


27-29 January 2003 Migration and Health in Southern Africa, University of Cape Town (Invitation only)
14-16 February 2003 Globalisation of India and Indianisation of the Globe, London School of Economics (Invitation only)
25th October 2002 Transnational Communities Public Event, Church House, Westminster
9-11 Sept 2002 After September 11th, University of Wales, Swansea
27-28th June 2002 Creolization and Diaspora: Historical, Ethnographic and Theoretical Approaches, London
1-4 July 2002 Transnational Communities Culmination Conference, University of Oxford (invitation only)
31 May - 1 June 2002 Gender and Transnational Families, University of Amsterdam (invitation only)
26th-30th November 2001


6th International Metropolis Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands

(online registration)

29th-30th September 2001


Traditions of Learning and Networks of Knowledge (The Indian Ocean: Trans-regional creation of societies and cultures) Oxford

16 - 18 September 2001

Borders Old and New: Towards a theoretical and applicative framework,
Ankaran, Slovenia

14th-16th September 2001
6th-8th September 2001

Multinational Enterprises: Embedded organisations, transnational federations or global learning communities? University of Warwick


16th-18th November 2000

Chinese Business and Culture in Global and Local contexts, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


20th-23rd September2000 Writing Diasporas: Axial Writers, Plural Literacies, Transnational Imagination, University of Wales, Swansea


7th- 8th August  2000 International Conference on Transnational Communities in the Asia-Pacific Region: Comparative Perspectives, National University of Singapore


10th July 2000 Sending Countries, London School of Economics


29th June 2000

'Dangerous designs: South Asian fashion and style in global markets' Professor Parminder Bhachu, Clark University. 

Public Lecture at 5.00pm, the Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, University College London, Gower Street.


21st June 2000 Transnationalism in Post-Socialist Societies, University College London


26th-27th May 2000 The last decade of migration from the People’s Republic of China to Europe and Asia, Institute for Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.  Conference Report


5th May 2000


New African Diasporas, University College London


27th-29th April 2000 International Conference on Conceiving Cosmopolitanism: Politics in Transnational Perspective, University of Warwick


8th-10th April 2000 Culture and Economy in the Indian Diaspora, India International Centre, New Delhi


11th-14th November 1999 Media in Multicultural and Multilingual Contexts, Klagenfurt University, Austria


21st September 1999 New approaches to Migration: Transnational Communities and the Transformation of Home, University of Sussex


30th June -2nd July 1999 GLOBALIZATION AND IDENTITIES, International Conference, RUGS, Manchester Metropolitan University


22nd-23rd April 1999 Policy Challenges of the New Migrant Diasporas, Chatham House. London


January - March 1999 History, Culture, and Politics of the Islamic World: The Historical Roots of Islamic Transnationalism
Joint seminar series of Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and Transnational Communities Programme


November 27th-29th, 1998 Postmigrant Turkish-German Culture:  Transnationalism, Translation, Politics of Representation


Two day seminar series (ISCA)


The Indian Ocean: Trans-regional creation of societies and cultures
16th-18th May 1998 ICCCR International Workshop on Transnationalism


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mundo.gif (10689 bytes)  Other events

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Workshop on "Paths of integration: similarities and differences in the settlement process of immigrants in Europe, 1880-2000" 19-21 June 2003 - CALL FOR PAPERS

Previous Events:

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Transnational Migration and Social Justice in the Global City, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, November 14-16, 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) "Whither Europe? Borders, boundaries, frontiers in a changing world", Göteborg University 16-17 January 2003

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Global Ethics and Civil Society, University of Roehampton, July 22-24, 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Seventh International Metropolis Conference,'Togetherness in Difference', 9-13 September 2002, Oslo, Norway

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) New Religions and Globalization: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives, RENNER (Research Network on New Religions) Elbeltoft, Denmark, September 23-26, 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Poverty, International Migration and Asylum, United Nations University and World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki, Finland, September 27-28, 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) XVth ISA World Congress of Sociology, Brisbane, Australia, July 7-13, 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)GLOBAL ETHICS AND CIVIL SOCIETY, Global Studies Association, Roehampton University of Surrey, July 22- 24 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) On the Couch with Nora Armani, 9 & 10, 16 & 17, 23 & 24 June at 8pm at the New End Theatre in Hampstead, 27 New End, London NW3. After some performances there will be discussions on the themes in the play: identity, Diaspora, marginality, immigation etc., depending on the interst groups in attendance

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)Immigrants and Homeland, The Croatian Centre for Strategic Studies and the Institute of Social Sciences "Ivo Pilar", Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 9 - 12, 2002.

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Transnationalism & Diaspora in C. Asia & Caucasus, Mar. 16-17 2002, Berkeley

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Third Mediterranean Social and Political Reasearch Meeting, Florence, March 20-24, 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) AAG Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 19-23 March 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) First International Border Forum (iBF), University of Bern, Dept of Geography, 7th -10th February 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Diaspora Entrepreneurial Networks, C. 1000 to 2000, IEHA Congress, Buenos Aires 2002

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Anthropology and Gender in the Middle East, Berlin, 30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Media in a Globalized Society, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, October 29-30 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Participation and Representation of Black and Other Ethnic Minority People in Public Life, University of Bristol, Centre for the study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, 12-13 October 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Regions and Borders of Northern Europe, Durham, 16th-19th September 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Transnational Activism and Problems of Democracy in East and Southeast Asia,  Stockholm, 14-15 September 2001  

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Governance in the Eu(ro)regions, Nijmegen Centre for Border Research, The Netherlands, 13-15 September 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Configuring the map of Europe.Borders, Territories and Identities in conflict. Summer course, University of the Basque Country, Donostia, San Sebastian, 6-8th September 2001.

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Diasporic Communications: Transnational & Local  Cross-currents, London, 5-7 September 2001  

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Asian Diasporas and Cultures: Globalisation, hybridity, intersexuality, Singapore, 5-7 September 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Transnational Urban Politics, Eastern Sociological Society Meetings, to be  held in Philadelphia, March 1-4, 2001

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  "On the Front Lines: Women's Activism in New Immigrant Communities", Friday, March 2 - Saturday March 3, 2001   Third Annual Women's History Month Conference, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY -

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Fifth International Metropolis Conference, 13-17 November 2000, Vancouver, Canada

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  The Irish Diaspora, University of North London, 3-4 November 2000   

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes) Multilingual internet conference, Melbourne, 0ctober 30th - 31st, 2000

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Nation-states, multination states and supernational organizations, 3-6 October 2000, Montreal

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  European Cross-Border Cooperation: Lessons For and From Ireland, 29 September - 1 October 2000, Queen's University, Belfast

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  International Migration, New Patterns, New Theories, a multidisciplinary conference, 11-13 September 2000, Nottingham Trent University

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  6th Biennial EASA Conference, Crossing categorical boundaries: religion as politics / politics as religion, Krakow, 26-29 July 2000

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  International Conference on 'Globalization, Culture and Everyday Life', Research Unit for Global Studies, Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, 5-7 July 2000

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  3rd International Diaspora Conference, Pomona, California, May 19 to 21, 2000

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Workshop on Transnational Households and Ritual, May 4th, 2000, University of Sussex

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Fourth International Metropolis Conference, 8-11 December 1999, Washington DC

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)   Global networks, innovation and regional development: the informational region as development strategy, 11-13 November 1999, Universty of California, Santa Cruz

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  October 1999, Virtual Diasporas, a workshop within the section for migration studies at the biannual conference of the Deutsche Gesselschaft,  Heidlberg

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Protesting 'Globalisation': Possibilities For Transnational Solidarity?, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, 10-11 December 1999

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Permeable boundaries and borders in a globalising world: new opportunities or old problems?, Simon Fraser Harbour Centre, Vancouver B.C., 25-28 August 1999

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  People on the Road: Trader-tourists along new/old trade routes across SE Europe, 10-25 August 1999, Varna Bulgaria A Field Course of the Bulgarian Society for Regional Cultural Studies (BSRCS) in cooperation with The Institute of Anthropological Field-Research, New Bulgarian University (IRCS-NBU)

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Diasporas and Ethnic Migrants: Germany, Israel and Russia in Comparative Perspective

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Island Migrations, Migration Cultures: the Monserrat Case, The International Centre for Contemporary Cultural Research, Keele University, Saturday 1 May 1999.

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  The Emergence of Transnational Social Spaces, International Migration and Globally Operating Companies, 4-5 March 1999, Göttingen University

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  All Souls Foreign Policy Studies Programme Seminars, Hilary Term 1999

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  All Souls Foreign Policy Studies Programme Seminars, Hilary Term 1999

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Previous Seminar series:



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