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Transnational Communities Programme

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Previous issues

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As the Transnational Communities Programme has come to the end of its five year contract we have now suspended production of Traces. However, we will continue to make the archive of past issues available. We hope that you have found it a useful and interesting resource.

Traces is an on-line news digest service provided by the Transnational Communities Programme for researchers and other interested parties.  The aim of Traces is to make sense of the human dimensions of globalization by monitoring new stories from around the world and presenting them in summary form.  These stories are selected for their relevance to the aims and interests of the Transnational Communities Programme.  Today's news stories are, in a sense, tomorrow's research questions.

Every effort will be made to cross-check the accuracy of factual information and to provide an unbiased account of often controversial issues.  The sources used are referenced at the end of each entry and readers may also judge the value of the accounts themselves.

NB All dates are given day/month/year

For further information contact the editor:

Dr Ali Rogers
School of Geography
University of Oxford
Mansfield Road


Previous issues

Issue No. 1 Jan - Mar 1998
Issue No. 2 Apr - Jun 1998
Issue No. 3 Jul - Sep 1998
Issue No. 4 Oct - Dec 1998
Issue No. 5 Jan - Mar 1999
Issue No. 6 Apr - Jun 1999
Issue No. 7 Jul - Sep 1999
Issue No. 8 Oct - Dec 1999
Issue No. 9 Jan - Mar 2000
Issue No. 10 Apr - Jun 2000
Issue No. 11 Jul - Sep 2000
Issue No. 12 Oct - Dec 2000
Issue No. 13 Jan - Mar 2001
Issue No. 14 Apr - Jun 2001
Issue No. 15 Jul - Sep 2001
Issue No. 16 Oct - Dec 2001
Issue No. 17 Jan - Mar 2002
Issue No. 18 Apr - Jun 2002



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