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Transnational Communities Programme

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No.1 Jan-Mar 1998


Dual Citizenship: Mexico joins the list of countries accepting dual nationality, Germany declines

Main Stories

Cuba: Papal visit followed by lifting of restrictions on flights and remittances
Kurds, Turkey, the EU and Schengen
Roma in Europe and USA
Latvia's Russian Minority
Lithuania's American President: Guyana and Zambia also
Armenia: Presidential Elections and the Armenian Diaspora
South East Asia Crisis: Fallout continues
Israel and the Jewish Diaspora

Other Stories

St Patrick's Day marked in Ireland and abroad
Vietnamese-Americans react to the possibility of trade with Vietnam
Sikh-Canadian Centenary
Nationalities and diasporas in the former-Soviet Union
Philippines: Remittances reach record levels
Gulf States Workers
Non-Resident Indians
Bangladesh and Pakistan discuss Biharis
Cajuns take on British Crown
Borders and gateways: Borneo, China/Myanmar and Xinjiang

NB All dates are given day/month/year


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