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Transnational Communities Programme

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Issue No. 10 Apr - Jun 2000

Main stories
Mexico’s historic elections spill over into the USA; Peru and Dominican Republic also vote
Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba, and the fall-out begins in Miami
Zimbabwe: UK passport holders under pressure to go
‘Bollywood’ comes to the Millennium Dome
Other stories
USA says transnational terrorism shifting to Asia
Expatriates: Problems on Returning
Latvia and Russia – differences over citizenship unresolved
Hungarians beyond the borders kept waiting for citizenship
The New Central Europe and its Neighbours
Pakistan seeks to emulate India’s success with IT expatriates
Kazakhstan calls for Germans to return
India responds to Fiji Crisis
OFWs remit more but criticise Philippine government
Armenia: Relations between Yerevan and the diaspora
Satellite TV for Europe’s Pakistani communities
France: brain drain and foreigners’ voting rights


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