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Transnational Communities Programme

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Traces No.15
July-September 2001


Main Stories
US-Led Clamp Down on Informal Banking Network Allegedly Financing Terrorism Threatens Migrants' Remittances
September 11 - Impacts on Migrant Remittances
US Mexican Stripped of Victory in Mexican Mayoral Election
Protests Against Military Sexual Slavery in USA and Asia

Other Stories
Australia to introduce dual citizenship
New Zealand and Malaysia: Reversing 'Brain Drain' and Tapping Expatriates' Skills
Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian exiles said to be plotting in the USA
Cuban Exile Group Divided Over Music Awards Ceremony
Philippines government praises Overseas Foreign Workers
Pakistan's government promotes formal channels for remittances
Singhvi Committee on Indian Diaspora
Tibetan Exiles Elect Head of Government
Eastern Europe: Contrasting Fates for Exile Governments
Expatriates: Cost of Living Survey and Fears in Indonesia
Ukrainian diaspora meets, President attacked
Taiwanese abroad lobby on behalf of UN membership





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