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Transnational Communities Programme

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No.2 April to June 1998


Global Crime: International and Regional Co-operation Among Governments and Gangs Alike

Main Stories

Kosovo: Overseas Albanians Send Recruits, Arms and Money
Indonesia’s Crisis Prompts Departure of Ethnic Chinese and Expatriates
Turkey Campaigns Against Kurdish Diaspora TV
Armenia: French Assembly ‘Recognises’ Genocide
Pakistan Appeals to Overseas Communities and Workers to Offset Sanctions
Latinos in Los Angeles: Transnational Commerce, But Local Politics

Other Stories

Israel’s 50th Anniversary Prompts Surveys of the Jewish Diaspora
Regional Co-operation and Cross-Border Trade in East and Southern Africa
Dual Nationality for Overseas Koreans and Vietnamese?
Expatriate Voting Rights in Hungary and the Czech Republic
East Timor: Diaspora Meets in Portugal
Tibetan Exiles in India
Expatriate Cities: Shanghai and Moscow


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