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Transnational Communities Programme

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Issue No.3 July - September 1998


UK and USA: Measures Against the ‘New’ Terrorism

Main Stories

The German Elections, Turkish Germans and Turkey
India Seeks Financial Help From Overseas Indians
Kosovo: the KLA and the Albanian Diaspora
Latvia’s Russians Gain Citizenship
Turkey’s Foreign Relations and the Kurdish Question
Dual Nationality Laws May Increase the Political Influence of US Mexicans in Mexico
Iran and Iraq Address Their Diasporas
Central Asia: Border Co-operation and Ethnic Diasporas

Other Stories

Armenia’s President Hints at Dual Citizenship
Korea’s Dual Nationality Plans Opposed at Home and by China
Hungary and Romania’s Hungarians Debate Dual Nationality
Canada Fails to Reform Immigration and Citizenship Laws
Confusion at the Borders: US, Canada and Mexico
Gulf States Try to ‘Renationalise’ Their Workforces
Overseas Chinese Protest at the Violence in Indonesia
The Palestinian National Authority Reaches out to Diaspora
Tamil Separatists ‘Cyber Strike’ Embassies
Globalization of Russian criminal mafia
France and UK Propose New Citizenship Deals for Colonies
Soap and Beer for Pakistani Overseas Communities




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