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Transnational Communities Programme

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No.4 Oct - Dec 1998


Christians in the Middle East: Decline and Persecution

Main Stories

The Seizure of Kurdish Rebel Leader Causes Rift Between Turkey and Europe
Forty Years of Cuban Exile
Dual Nationality and Overseas Voting Rights: Mexico, Japan, Australia and Italy
‘Birthright Israel’ Programme for Jewish Diaspora Youth
Germany and Central Europe: Citizenship Across Borders

Other Stories

Chilean Exiles React to Pinochet’s Arrest
Emigrants Aid Countries Devastated by Hurricanes
Dual Citizenship for Overseas Indians Considered
Conferences on Transnational Crime & Money-Laundering
Russian Mafia in the Caribbean
CIS Round-up: Migrants Organise in the Russian Duma
International Agreement on Jewish Art and Property Confiscated in WW2
Iraqi Exiles Meet in London
East Timor: Prospects for Peace
Divisions Among Sikh-Canadians

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