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Transnational Communities Programme

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Working Paper Series

Edited by Ali Rogers

These working papers are *.pdf files.  To read them download Adobe Acrobat 5.0  getacro.gif (1090 bytes)

We have now stopped accepting submissions to this series as we in the final stages of wrapping up the Transcomm programme. However, we thank everyone who has contributed their work and we will continue to keep the archive available.

A new working paper series will be lauched in October 2003 as part of the ESRC's new Centre for Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS).

If for any reason you are unable to read or download any of the working papers they are available in hard copy from Emma Newcombe, Transnational Communities Programme, ISCA, 51 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PE

WPTC-98-01 Globalisation from Below: The Rise of Transnational Communities Alejandro Portes
WPTC-98-02 Frames and Transformations in Transnational Studies (please note that this paper is a transcript of a seminar given by Professor Albrow in the Transnational Communities Programme series) Martin Albrow
WPTC-98-03 Europe of Strangers Zygmunt Bauman
WPTC-98-04 Transnational Practices and the Analysis of the Global System Leslie Sklair
WPTC-98-05 Belonging, ethnic diversity and everyday experience: co-existing identities on the Italo-Slovene frontier Warwick Armstrong
WPTC-98-06 Spaces of Global Media Kevin Robins
WPTC-98-07 Zurich's Miami: Transethnic relations of a transnational community Andreas Wimmer
WPTC-98-08 'Singapore Unlimited'?: Configuring social identity in the regionalisation process Brenda Yeoh and Katie Willis
WPTC-98-09 New Migrations, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Southeast  and East Asia Stephen Castles
WPTC-98-10 Transnational social movements: an assessment Robin Cohen
WPTC-98-11 Transnationalism and diasporas: The Kurdish example Östen Wahlbeck
WPTC-98-12 Transnational participation and citizenship: Immigrants in the European Union Riva Kastoryano
WPTC-98-13 Uneven Crises: Institutional Foundations of East Asian Economic Turmoil Jeffrey Henderson
WPTC-98-14 Finis Greciae or the Return of the Greeks?   State and Diaspora in the Context of Globalisation George Prevelakis
WPTC-98-15 Globalisation and the black diaspora Ronald Segal
WPTC-99-01 Turkish delight - German fright: Migrant identities in transnational cinema (This paper contains some Turkish charachters which may not show correctly in the .pdf file. Deniz Göktürk
WPTC-99-02 From Ethnic Media to Global Media: Transnational Communication Networks Among Diasporic Communities Karim H. Karim
WPTC-99-03 Traces - hard copy of the programme's on-line news digest Alisdair Rogers
WPTC-99-04 Multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-levelled Brussels: national and ethnic politics in the "Capital of Europe" Adrian Favell and Marco Martiniello
WPTC-99-05 Policy challenges of the new diasporas: migrant networks and their impact on asylum flows and regimes Jeff Crisp

Islamism in the Diaspora. The fascination of political Islam among second generation German Turks (contains some Turkish characters that may not appear when printed)

Werner Schiffauer
WPTC-99-07 Regional Identities and Alliances in an Integrating Europe: A Challenge to the Nation State? Robert Parkin
WPTC-99-08 Transnationalism in international migration: Implications for the study of citizenship and culture Thomas Faist
WPTC-99-09 Race, nationalism and social theory in Brazil: rethinking Gilberto Freyre David Cleary
WPTC-99-10 Silicon islands and silicon "valles": informational networks and regional development strategies in an era of globalization Paul Lubeck
Kyle Eischen
WPTC-99-11 Longing and belonging: issues of homeland in the Armenian diaspora Susan Pattie
WPTC-99-12 Satellite broadcasting as trade routes in the sky Monroe E. Price
WPTC-99-13 Tu dinnum pu vini kreol: The Mauritian creole and the concept of creolization Thomas Hylland Eriksen
WPTC-99-14 Transnational communities and business systems Glenn Morgan
WPTC-2K-01 Traces Volume 2- hard copy of the programme's on-line news digest Alisdair Rogers
WPTC-2K-02 Flows, boundaries and hybrids: keywords in transnational anthropology Ulf Hannerz
WPTC-2K-03 Ordinary Cosmopolitanisms: Strategies for Bridging Boundaries among Non-Colleege Educated Workers Michèle Lamont
WPTC-2K-04 Dueling multiculturalisms: the urgent need to reconceive cosmopolitanism G. Pascal Zachary
WPTC-2K-05 Cosmopolitanism and Business: Entrepreneurship and Identity among German-Terks in Berlin Antoine Pécoud
WPTC-2K-06 Fostering Cosmopolitanisms: a conceptual survey and a media experiment in Berlin Steven Vertovec

A European Space for Transnationalism?

Alisdair Rogers
WPTC-2K-08 Globalisation from below: Birmingham - postcolonial workshop of the world? Nick Henry, Cheryl McEwan and Jane Pollard
WPTC-2K-09 Culture and Economy: Tamils on the Plantations Frontier in Malaysia Revisited, 1998-1999 Ravindra K. Jain
WPTC-2K-10 Vorsprung Durch Sales Technique: Stereotypes, strategies and identities in a 'Global' city Fiona Moore
WPTC-2K-11 Institutions and their Agents in the Diaspora: A Comparison of Armenians in Athens and Alevis in Germany Martin Sökefeld and Susanne Schwalgin
WPTC-2K-12 Creole Metaphors in Cultural Analysis: The Limits and Possibilities of Sociolinguistics Roxy Harris and Ben Rampton
WPTC-2K-13 Women's Congregations as Tranational Communities Gertrud Hüwelmeier
WPTC-2K-14 Reinventing Polynesia: The Cultural Politics of Transnational Pacific Communities Paul Spoonley

Powerpoint presentation

Rethinking Remittances - Plenary lecture at 5th International Metropolis Conference, Vancouver


Steven Vertovec
WPTC-01-01 Religion and Diaspora: New Landscapes of Religion in the West, Oxford Steven Vertovec
WPTC-01-02 In the Footsteps of the Lord of Miracles: The Expatriation of Religious Icons in the Peruvian Diaspora Karsten Paerregaard
WPTC-01-03 The Para-site of Governance: Transborder Regionalism in the Euregios Oliver Kramsch
WPTC-01-04 Gitano Evangelism; the Emergence of a Politico-religious Diaspora Paloma Gay y Blasco
WPTC-01-05 Transnational Entrepreneurs: the Emergence and Determinants of an Alternative form of Immigrant Economic Adaptation Alejandro Portes
WPTC-01-06 Transnational Challenges to the 'New' Multiculturalism Steven Vertovec
WPTC-01-07 Traces Volume 3 - hard copy of the programme's on-line news digest Alisdair Rogers

Transnational Migration And Multiculturalism In Europe

Ralph Grillo

Institutions in Diaspora: The Case of Armenian Community in Russia

Marina Oussatcheva
WPTC-01-10 How national citizenship shapes transnationalism: A comparative analysis of migrant claims-making in Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands Ruud Koopmans and Paul Statham

Disaggregating the transnational community Senegalese migrants on the coast of Emilia-Romagna

Bruno Riccio
WPTC-01-12 Researching Global Socio-Cultual Fields: Views from an Extended Field Site Karen Fog Olwig
WPTC-01-13 Between God, Ethnicity, And Country: An Approach To The Study Of Transnational Religion Peggy Levitt

The Impact of Kinship on the Economic Dynamics of Transnational Networks: Reflections on some South Asian developments

Roger Ballard

Multiple Transnationalism: Space, the State and Human Relations

Bridget Anderson

Transnational Social Formations: Towards Conceptual Cross-fertilization

Steven Vertovec
WPTC-01-17 Communities Across Borders under Globalising Conditions: New Immigrants and Transnational Cultures. Paul Kennedy & Victor Roudometof
WPTC-01-18 Transnational Religion Peter van der Veer
WPTC-01-19 'Weltoffenheit schafft Jobs':Turkish Entrepreneurship and Multiculturalism in Berlin Antoine Pécoud
WPTC-01-20 Gender and Transnational Migration Patricia R. Pessar and Sarah J. Mahler
WPTC-01-21 Elites and Institutions in the Armenian Transnation Khachig Tölölyan
WPTC-01-22 The Politics of Migrants' Transnational
Political Practices
Eva K. Østergaard-Nielsen
WPTC-01-23 Migrant Membership as an Instituted Process:
Comparative Insights from the Mexican and Italian Cases
Robert C. Smith
WPTC-02-01 Reproductive Labour and Migration Bridget Anderson
WPTC-02-02 Transnational Networks and Skilled Labour Migration Steve Vertovec
WPTC-02-03 Transnational Networks And The Local Politics Of Migrant Grassroots Organizing In Post-Colonial Portugal
Ana Paula Beja Horta
WPTC-02-04 Incorporation and Resistance: Borderlands, Transnational Communities and Social Change in Southeast Asia
Alexander Horstmann
WPTC-02-05 Indigenous people and political transnationalism:
globalization from below meets globalization from above?

Sarah Radcliffe, Nina Laurie and Robert Andolina
WPTC-02-06 Traces Volume 4 - hard copy of the programme's on-line news digest Alisdair Rogers
WPTC-02-07 Transnational Communities, Citizenship and
African-Caribbeans in Birmingham
Zig Layton-Henry
WPTC-02-08 Banal Transnationalism: The Difference that Television Makes Asu Aksoy and Kevin Robins
WPTC-02-09 The Hungarian Status Law: A new European form of Transnational politics? Michael Stewart
WPTC-02-10 Cross-border marriages and the formation of Transnational Families: A case study of Greek-German couples in Athens
Jutta Lauth Bacas
Mobilizing Korean Family Ties: Cultural Conversations across the Border Nancy Abelmann
WPTC-02-12 Querido Emigrante: Musical Perspectives of Dominican Migration Hannah E. Gill
WPTC-02-13 TRANSNATIONAL DIALOGUES:Developing ways to do research in a diasporic community Cindy Horst
WPTC-02-14 Xawilaad: The importance of overseas Connections in the livelihoods of Somali refugees in the Dadaab refugee camps of Kenya Cindy Horst
WPTC-02-15 Does transnationalisation matter in nation-state school education? Normative claims and effective practices in a German secondary school
Sabine Mannitz

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