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Africans, including Blacks
see also ‘Jews and Blacks’

‘Africans’ is a particularly vague label. At one level it can mean those born, or those who are descended from those born, on the African continent. But many scholars and writers explicitly or implicitly exclude the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. North Africa is often treated as part of the Middle East (what the French call the Near East), as part of a common cultural and historical area of the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin (following Braudel) or as sui generis, usually under the name ‘the Maghreb’. None the less, a powerful ‘Afrocentric’ movement in the USA, which inherited the mantle of the black power movement of the 1960s and 1970s, sought the aggrandisement of the expression ‘Africa’ beyond the sub-Sahara. Africa is depicted not only as the home of Homo sapiens (a claim that can be supported by scholarly evidence), but also as the site where western mathematics and philosophy originated –via Egypt to Greece. Such claims which have long been advanced by African-American scholars were given some respectability and popularity by Bernal’s (19??) influential book.

A second complication is that relying on place of birth (jus soli) to define ‘African’ could also include the substantial number of white Africans, particularly in the southern half of the continent. In the post-apartheid period, many of the country’s whites as well as those of mixed descent have sought to emphasise their identification with Africa and their distance from Europe. Even those who predominantly voted for the pro-apartheid regime none the less described themselves as ‘Afrikaners’ – the Dutch-derived word for ‘Africans’.

The issue of Maghrebi, Egyptian and white and mixed South African Africans cannot easily be resolved in a bibliographic note, so it is pertinent simply to state that for the purposes of collecting material for this bibliography ‘African’ meant people living in sub-Saharan Africa who are phenotypically dark.

If anything ‘Blacks’ is an even more confusing than ‘Africans’, but as it is used in the references collected it is necessary to be precise about what we included in the category. To start, there is a significant difference between the use of the expression in the USA and in Europe, particularly in Britain. In the USA, the term applies fairly strictly to US residents of African and (generally) slave origin. The expressions ‘Negro’, ‘Coloured’ and ‘Afro-American’ have also been used to describe this group. Currently the favoured self-description, which is also coming into general use, is ‘African American’, sometimes hypehenated as ‘African-American’. Groups of original African descent but who have come from the Caribbean are often designated as ‘West Indians’ or ‘Caribbeans’ – or by their country of origin: thus ‘Cubans’, ‘Jamaicans’ ‘Puerto Ricans’, etc. Two additional complications arise. ... Particularly those associated with the


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