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Arabs (Middle East)


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A people to whom the appelation ‘diaspora’ has often been applied. Historically Armenia was a separate region, though now is spread between north-east Turkey and the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia. Armenians have a distinctive language (with some Caucasian features) and are either affiliated to the Catholic Armenian Church or the Armenian Orthodox Church. Their culture was highly developed in fine art, architecture and sculpture, reaching its zenith in the fourteenth century. A traumatic event occurred during the First World War when the Turks deported two-thirds of the Armenians (1.75 million people) to Syria and Palestine. It is now widely accepted (though still fiercely disputed by Turkish sources) that some 600,000 Armenians were either killed or died of starvation during this mass displacement. It was the twentieth century’s first major example of what has come to be known as ‘ethnic cleansing’. Very few Armenians continue to live in Turkey, some 4.15 live in the former USSR (about half in the Armenian Republic itself). Significant diasporic communities have settled in France and the United States. The US Armenians are particularly successful in economic terms and are said to have a per capita standard of living higher than virtually any other group. With the collapse of state communism the bonding between the Armenian diaspora and its homeland has been given a new impetus



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