Global Social Movements

Robin Cohen & Shirin Rai


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"A masterful collection, successfully challenging the key dualities that have confined the sociological and political study of social movements. Combining sophisticated theoretical essays with a wealth of empirical research, Global Social Movements makes a major contribution to the field".
Michael Peter Smith, University of California at Davis


Globalisation has more than one face. Global cultural and economic forces, particularly through the dynamics of huge corporations, shape the picture from above, but a new global consciousness, through the activities of social movements, is emerging from below.

While states remain important power containers, the development of these global social movements demonstrates that we are entering a post-national phase, with political action becoming more unconventional, open, participatory, direct and focused.

The book provides a very broad and systematic analysis of social movements in a globalising world, integrating case material from a range of fields. Human rights, women's, peace, labour, religious and green movements are all discussed.

Contents Contributors and Editors / Acronyms / 1 Global social movements: towards a cosmopolitan politics Robin Cohen and Shirin Rai / 2 Enmeshed in the web? Indigenous peoples’ rights in the network society Paul Havemann / 3 Human rights: suffering between movements and markets Upendra Baxi / 4 The women’s movement: boundary-crossing on terrains of conflict Cynthia Cockburn / 5 Making global connections among women, 1970-1999 Deborah Stienstra / 6 Labour in the global: challenges and prospects Ronaldo Munck / 7 International labour solidarity after the Cold War Sarah Ashwin / 8 Environmental NGOs and globalization: the governance of TNCs Peter Newell / 9 Shell, a sure target for global environmental campaigning? Steven Yearley and John Forrester / 10 The Islamic revival: antinomies of Islamic movements under globalization Paul Lubeck / 11 Religious movements and globalization Jim Beckford / 12 The peace movement: retrospects and prospect John Mattausch / Acknowledgements / References / Index
Editors Robin Cohen is Professor of Sociology and Shirin M. Rai is Senior Lecturer in Politics and Women's Studies, both at the University of Warwick.
Contributors Sarah Ashwin, Upendra Baxi, Jim Beckford, Cynthia Cockburn, John Forrester, Paul Havemann, Paul Lubeck, John Mattausch, Ronaldo Munck, Peter Newell, Deborah Stienstra, Steven Yearley
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March 2000

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