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Transnational Communities Programme

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10 - 25 August 1999, Varna, Bulgaria


Following the field courses of 1993 - 1996 which focussed on trader-tourism from Bulgarian towns to Istanbul, the BSRCS resumes the

investigation of the same topic. This time it shall take the road from Varna to the Ukrainian Black Sea Port and trading centre of Odessa.

The field-course is addressed primarily to students or practioners of anthropology or related disciplines who are interested in transitional

processes in countries of the former Soviet Bloc. Its aim is to gather together a relatively small group of researchers (10 - 15 persons),

independently of levels of academic seniority. About half of this group will be represented by students of cultural studies at the University of


The specific method of the field-course will be to join trader-tourists at two key locations: the open-air market in Varna, and travelling to the

market of Odessa. The details of this approach have been described in various publications by participants in previous field-courses (see

References below). An initial three-day introductory course will be followed by daily

participation in the market as 'sellers' from a stall. This position gives the opportunity of entering the brotherhood of traders and participating

in their activities and oral literature. The second position is the bus-journey to Odessa which shall take place at least once during the

course. A bus-journey to the Istanbul/ Trabzon markets is also aimed to for recording changes since the first period of observation (1992-1996).

After completion of the full program of the course the participants shall receive a Certificate of Participation issued by the Institute for

Anthropological Field-Research, New Bulgarian University.


Participants should indicate their wish to join at their earliest convenience. There are available places for not more than 5-6 persons.

Work shall be more effective if participants have a working knowledge of Bulgarian or a related Slav language (Russian), and have conducted

previous research in former Socialist countries. In the absence of such skills, language problems shall be solved by interpreting. The working

language of the event is English.

The project relies on a budget provided mainly by participants' fees. These will be based on a daily fee of USD 30.- which includes board,

lodging, travel expenses to the Varna markets, and study-materials. Participants pay for trips outside the country (Odessa, Istanbul, Trabzon,

etc.) Lessons in Bulgarian shall be organized at an extra cost of USD 70 including 30 academic hours of tuition, textbook and dictionary.

Participants wishing to join the Bulgarian lessons part of the program are asked to indicate that not later than 1 May 1998.

Note: Board and lodging will be provided at a private villa at the seaside resort of Sv. Konstantin, 8 km north of the City of Varna.

Contact-address: Yulian Konstantinov, Bulgarian Society for Regional Cultural Studies (BSRCS) BG-1233, P.B.59, Sofia, Bulgaria. Tel. (+359 2)

325 248; 555 823; 444 874



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