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The International Library of Studies on Migration
Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

Series Editor: Professor Robin Cohen, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK

This major new series brings together previously published contributions to the field of migration spanning the last few decades.

Outstainding selections of the most important articles (in the English language only) in the main fields of research in migration have been compiled under four major titles, making them more accessible to a larger audience. The editors of each title have written comprehensive introductions to accompany their selection of articles. The series will be an essential reference source for students, scholars and professionals concerned with migration.

Series No.1 Theories of Migration
Series No.2 Geography and Migration
Series No.3 Sociology and Migration
Series No.4 Migration and European History (Vols I and II)
Series No.5 The Politics of Migration
Series No.6 Law and Migration
Series No.7 Migration and Social Cohesion
Series No.8 Migration and Public Policy
Series No.9 Migration, Diasporas and Transnationalism
Series No.10 Gender and Migration

Theories of Migration
Professor Robin Cohen, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK
In Theories of Migration, Robin Cohen has brought together a substantive body of scholarship from many disciplines and schools of thought which addresses the failure to produce on satisfactory general theory of migration.

Attempts to construct a theory of migration have been constrained by the considerable variety of migrations which have to be considered - professional and unskilled, compelled and voluntary, settler and temporary, internal and international, and finally, illegal and legal. Perspectives arising from all the major social science disciplines are represented in this volume which features over 25 articles originally published in a wide array of professional disciplines.

Series No.1 1996 544pp
Hardback 1 858898 001 1 $160.00 back to the top

Geography and Migration
Dr Vaughan Robinson, Director, Migration Unit and Senior Lecturer in Geography, University of Wales, Swansea, UK
The traditional concerns of geographers with flows, spatial differentiation and the power of place have given them unique understandings in the study of migration relevant to contemporary problems.

Geography and Migration includes macrolevel descriptions to examine whether migration takes place in discernable flows and whether there are regularities in migration patterns or in the characteristics, origin and behaviour in migrants. Micro and macro-level explanations follow and address the impact of life cycle, quality of life and search factors.

Series No.2 1996 616pp
Hardback 1 85898 117 4 $180.00 back to the top

Sociology of Migration
Professor Robin Cohen, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK
The Sociology of Migration is a collection of articles covering such themes as the peculiarity of migrant labour, the dynamics of international labour migration, women migrants, enclaves and labour markets, the effects of remittances and return migration to the country of origin, migration and the social structure, refugees and displaced persons, the brain drain, migration in Asia and the effects of migration on the state-system.

This substantial, skillfully edited volume addresses a difficult and complex area that cannot easily be studied through on textbook.

Series No.3 1996 576pp
Hardback 1 85898 000 3 $170.00 back to the top

Migration in European History (Vols I and II)
Professor Coling Holmes, Professor of History, University of Sheffield, UK
This major two volume set examines the motivations for migration drawing on the particular experience of Irish, German, Scottish, Italian, Scandinavian and other European migrants, as well as those who migrated to Europe such as West Indian migrants into Britain. These authoritative and wide ranging volumes offer students and scholars from many disciplines a distillation of the key texts and issues which have been addressed in the historical study of migration in Europe.

Series No. 4 Two volume set 1996 1,280pp
Hardback 1 85898 421 1 $390.00 back to the top

The Politics of Migration
Professor Robin Cohen, Professor of Sociology and Professor Zig Layton-Henry, Professor of Politics and Director, Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick, UK
An authoritative collection which includes the most important articles and papers that document and analyse the political impact and consequences of migration since World War II.

It assesses the impact of migration on class conflict and politics in the host country and stratgies adopted by the state to manage the political activities and demands of new ethnic minority communities. It also covers the rise of the racist politics, especially electoral support for anti-immigrant far right parties.

Special emphasis is placed on the politics of citizenship and political engagement as teh new settlers adopt political strategies in order to combat exclusion, racism and oppression and to achieve recognition and legitimacy.

Series No. 5 1997 360pp
Hardback 1 85898 014 3 80.00 back to the top

Law and Migration
Selina Goulbourne, Principal Lecturer, School of International Studies and Law, Coventry University, UK
An authoritative volume which draws on statutory and case law to expose the limitations of the law in protecting the individual caught in the complex web of national and regional constraints on migration.

In a selection of previously published work, it examines the tension between teh protection of the human rights of revugees and asylum seekers afforded by international law and the exercise of the sovereign power of states to control the entry of non-nationals.

The volume addresses theorectical questions and policy issues which will continue to tax lawyers in the twenty-first centry.

Series No. 6 January 1998 488pp
Hardback 1 85898 039 9 110.00 back to the top

Migration and Social Cohesion
Dr Steven Vertovec, Research Reader, Social Anthropology, University of Oxford and Director of ESRC Transnational Communities Programme
In many societies a common assumption holds that immigrants contribute significantly to the breakdown of social cohesion. This is presumed to be through competition for jobs, speaking minority languages, and holding beliefs and values different from those among members of the ‘host society.’ Researchers and policy-makers, however, actually find that immigrants contribute much to their adopted societies economically, socially, culturally and even politically.

Following an Introduction which overviews a variety of concepts, areas of research and policy domains pertinent to the relationship between migration and social cohesion, a variety of key works are included in this volume. Among the topics addressed by some of the field’s foremost writers are: models and frameworks of immigrant incorporation, debates in multicultural policy, immigrant and ethnic minority political participation, citizenship, entrepreneurship, language and sociocultural adaptation.

The readings will be of interest to students and professional researchers in sociology and anthropology, political science, cultural studies, migration and ethnic studies.

Series No. 7 1999 576pp
Hardback 1 85898 868 3 125.00 back to the top

Migration and Public Policy
Professor Vaughan Robinson, Reader in Geography and Director of the Migration Unit, University of Wales Swansea.
Migration and Public Policy brings together the most significant papers by leading scholars on both international and internal migration.  It investigates the role of governments in encouraging, discouraging or forcing such migration.  The book critically appraises the motivation for state intervention including economic efficiency, strategic considerations or an attempt to achieve ethnic, racial or religious homogeneity, and the intended and unintended effects of this intervention.

Series No. 8 1999 680pp
Hardback 1 85898 922 1 150.00 back to the top

Migration, Diasporas and Transnationalism
Dr Steven Vertovec, Research Reader, Social Anthropology, University of Oxford and Director of ESRC Transnational Communities Programme and Professor Robin Cohen, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick.
This collection brings together key works in an increasingly significant area of inquiry. Social scientists and political analysts are increasingly aware of the importance of often long-maintained or newly embellished links between post-migration communities and the societies whence they arise. These links are comprised of global social networks embodied in families or chain migration systems, economic flows such as remittances, political movements including terrorism, and dynamic cultural processes affecting the construction of identity. Closely tied to this field is a re-awakened interest in ‘diasporas,’ or globally dispersed groups whose collective experiences often draw upon deep historical roots in more than one place.

The articles assembled in this volume represent key contemporary theories, comparative research and case studies. Contributors are drawn from the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, economics, cultural studies, political science and history. These works represent essential readings for students and professional researchers with interests in migration, globalization, ethnic relations, culture and identity.

Series No. 9 1999 704pp
Hardback 1 85898 869 1 150.00 back to the top

Gender and Migration
Dr Katie Willis, Department of Geography, University of Liverpool and Dr Brenda Yeoh, Center for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore

A recognition of the way social phenomena are gendered has become increasingly common in the past twenty years. This volume demonstrates the ways in which a gender perspective has been both incorporated into existing themes and methods of migration research, and has also led to the development of new areas of interest. This volume draws together articles based on gender and migration research in North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia to highlight major theoretical developments relating to employment, gender relations, household organisation, identity, citizenship, transnationlism and migration policy. In the introduction, the editors provide an overview of these key developments and the methods adopted in gender and migration research, as well as suggesting topics for future research. This volume will be of great interest to demographers, geographers and gender studies researchers as it provides a selection of the key articles arising out of the dynamic area of gender and migration research.

Volume contents: Introduction by Katie Willis and Brenda Yeoh. Articles by: Marixsa Alicea; Julia Bush; Sylvia Chant; Arpita Chattopadhyay; Mark Ellis, Dennis Conway and Adrian J. Bailey; Lesley Gill; Eve Hall; Pierrette Honagneu-Sotelo and Ernestine Avila; Michael Jones-Correa; Nazil Kibria; Victoria Lawson; Richa Nagar; Bridget O’Laughlin; Patricia Pessar; Janet Salaff; Daiva Stasiulis and Abigail B. Bakan; Thanh-Dam Truong; Caroline Wright; Brenda Yeoh and Shirlena Huang; Brenda Yeoh and Louise-May Khoo; Hania Zlotnik.

Series No. 10 April 2000 528488pp
Hardback 1 84064 073  1 110.00

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