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Transnational Communities Programme

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November 11-13, 1999

University of California, Santa Cruz

College Eight, Red Room

A conference sponsored by the
Center for Global, Regional and International Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Institute for International Studies, UC Berkeley

UC Pacific Rim Research Program


5:00-7:00 Reception for Participants, Merrill College Provost’s House


9:00-10:30 Welcome and Keynote Address

        Chancellor MRC Greenwood, "Welcome"

        Allen Scott, Public Policy and Geography, University of California, Los Angeles,
        Keynote Address "Global City-Regions and the New World System"

10: 45- 12:45

        Panel One: SILICON VALLEY AS MODEL: IS REPLICATION POSSIBLE? Overview of the Model and Debates

        Chair: Paul Lubeck, Director, CGIRS and Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz

        Discussant: Marybeth Pudup, Community Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

        Tim Sturgeon, Industrial Performance Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        "The Rise of the Global Supplier: Implications for Local Economic Development"

        Connie Martinez, Director of Strategic Initiatives, University California, Santa Cruz
        " Public-Private Collaboration in the Informational Region: Joint Venture Silicon Valley"

        Amy B. Dean, Executive Officer, South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council,
         Labor in the New Economy; Lessons from Labor Organizing in Silicon Valley"

        Ted Smith, Director, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and Coordinator, International Campaign for Responsible Technology
        "Community Responses to Environmental Issues in the Development of Silicon Valley’s Electronics Industry"

        Chuck Darrah, Anthropology, San Jose State University
        "Silicon Valley as Place: Models and Uses"


        Lunch at College VIII Cafe


        Panel Two: Governance, State Policies and Regional Development Strategies

        Chair: David Goodman, Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

        Discussant: Sean O’Riain, University of California, Davis

        Rajah Rasiah, Dean, Economics and Business, Universiti Malaysia, Sarawak, Malaysia
        "Malaysian Electronics: Regional Dynamics and Production Networks"

        Henry Wai-Chung Yeung, Geography, National University of Singapore, Malaysia
        Neil Coe, Co-author, Geography, National University of Singapore, Malaysia
         Grounding Global Flows: Constructing an E-Commerce Hub in Singapore

        Anupap Tiralap,Information Technology, King Mongrut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
        The Myths of Sun Rise Industry in Developing Countries: The Case of the Electronics Industry in Thailand"

3:00-3:15 Break

        Jorge Alonso, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, México
        "Globalization at the Margin: Economic Governance and the Evolution of Transnational Production Networks in Northern Mexico"

        Mel Clark, KwaZulu-Natal Economic Council, South Africa
        "Social Partnerships and Regional Development in the Information Age: Views from South Africa"


        Dinner for conference participants



        Panel Three: Networks and Regional Development

        Chair: Michael Watts, Director, Institute of International Studies and Geography, University of California, Berkeley

        Discussant: Kyle Eischen, Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz

        Balaji Parthasarathy, City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley
        "Institutional Embeddedness and Regional Industrialization: The State and the Indian Computer Software Industry"

        Gerald Autler,Strategic Economics and University of California, Berkeley
        "The Globalization of High-Tech: The Silicon Valley-Israel Connection"

        Sean O’Riain, Sociology, University of California, Davis
        "The Flexible Developmental State: Globalization, Information Technology and the ‘Celtic Tiger’"

        Matt Zook, City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley
        "Regional Systems of Financing: The Impact of Venture Capital on the Emerging Internet Content and Commerce Industry in the United              States"

10:30-10:45 Break


       Panel Four: Strategies for Labor in the Informational Region

        Chair: Manuel Pastor, Latin America & Latino Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz (tentative)

        Discussant: Jennifer Chun, Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

        Chris Benner, City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley
        "Building Community-Based Careers: Labor Market Intermediaries and Flexible Employment in Silicon Valley"

        Boy Leuthje, Institut fur Sozialforschung, Universitat Frankfurt, Germany
        "New Labor Relations in the Information Technology Industry - where is the model? Comparative Perspectives on Silicon Valley and                      Germany"

        Arne Wangel, Technology and Social Sciences, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
        "Technology Transfer, Labour and Local Learning Processes in Malaysian Industry"

        James Cone, MD, MPH, Dept. of Health Services, State of California
        "Occupational Health Challenges in Electronics Manufacturing in California and New Mexico: Research Findings & Policy Alternatives"

12:45-2:00 Lunch


        Panel Five: Environmental Challenges to the Informational Region

        Chair: David Sonnenfeld, Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley

        Discussant: Melanie Dupuis, Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz

        Jan Mazurek, Author and environmental policy consultant, Washington D.C.
        "Environmental Restructuring in Semiconductor Manufacturing"

        Leslie Byster, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
        "The International Campaign for Responsible Technology/WTO Clean Technology Campaign"

        Andrew Szasz, Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz
        Michael Meuser, Co-author, Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz
        "Environmental Inequalities in Silicon Valley: Lessons for Regional Development"

        Lenny Siegel, Director, Campaign for Public Environmental Oversight
        "A Co-mingling of Concerns: Electronics Industry and Military Pollution in Silicon Valley"


        Discussion: Future Directions For Research and Collaboration


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