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Transnational Communities Programme

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The Irish Diaspora

Writing    Researching    Comparing 

Hosted by Irish Studies Centre, Uinversity of North London and British Association for Irish Studies 3-4 November 2000

Timetable / Booking details

The Irish Studies Centre at the University of North London and the British Association for Irish Studies are co-hosting this international conference on the Irish Diaspora,.  The aim of  the conference is to assess Irish migration and diaspora research in terms both of its placement in wider diaspora studies and its internal rationale, processes, debates and methods.

The recent upserge of interest in the Irish diaspora forms part of a wider emphasis on transnationalism and globalisation and the inter-related themes of 'race', ethnicity and migration.  One objective of this conference is to locate the significance of Irish diaspora studies in this wider context.  Another objective is to take stock of the current state of knowledge about the Irish diaspora and present some of the latest exciting research.

Planned workshop themes include culture and identity ; expressing identity; health and identity; resistance and assimilation; 'whiteness'; 'race' and ethnicity; nationalism and diaspora; religious identities and diaspora; sources for research; representations of 'Irishness'; local identities; diasporic identities; Ireland and diaspora.

All events take place at the University of North London.  A limited number of student bursaries are available sponsored by The Irish Post/Smurfit Media


Friday 3 November 2000

17.30    Registration

18.15    Screening of The Hard Road to Klondike, dir. Desmond Bell (Faction Films)

19.30    The BAIS Millennium Lecture: Luke Gibbons

20.30    Reception, hosted by the Irish Embassy

Saturday 4 November 2000

08.30    Registraion

09.30    Morning Plenary: Hasia Diner; David Lloyd; Mary J. Hickman

11.15    Coffee

11.45    Workshops

13.15    Lunch

14.00    Workshops

15.20    Tea

15.45    Closing Plenary: David Fitzpatrick; Bronwen Walter, Avtar Brah

17.30    Reception hosted by the Irish Studies Centre, University of North London

Booking details:

50, reduced to 45 if booked before 22 October 2000

BAIS members: 45 or 40 before 22 October 2000 (proof required)

Concessions (JSA/students/OAP): 30 or 25 before 22 October 2000 (proof required)

Sterling cheques/money orders only, payable to the University of North London

For more details or to book a place contact:
Professor Mary Hickman, Irish Studies Centre, University of North London, 166-220 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DB Tel +44 (0) 20 7753 5018




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