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Transnational Communities Programme

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The Russian Diaspora and Post-communist Political and Economic Transformation


Principal Researchers
Dr Neil Melvin
Department of Politics
ESS Building
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Dr Laszlo Czaban
Leeds Business School
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Dr Neil Melvin
Tel: 0113 233 4401
Fax: 0113
Duration of Research
1 October 1998 to 30 June 2002

Annual Report 2001

Short summary

The disintegration of the Soviet Union marked the emergence of one of the largest diaspora populations in the world. This interdisciplinary study (politics/business studies) is designed to explore the complex relationship between the development of ethnic and national identities within and around a transnational community in an environment of simultaneous economic transition and globalisation. The subject of research will be upon the link between the Russian diaspora and economic transformation in the former Soviet Union. A particular focus for analysis will be the tensions generated by the interlinking of transnational ethno-political and business networks within the context of the nation and state-building imperatives of the former Soviet republics.

Analysis will focus on five case study regions: north-eastern Kazakhstan, eastern Ukraine, Estonia, Dagestan and Tatarstan. Comparative analysis of the nature and functions of political and business networks linking Russian diaspora communities with the Russian `homeland' and beyond to the global economy will be undertaken to explore the different patterns

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