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Transnational Communities Programme

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3rd International Diaspora Conference

Pomona, California
2-4 June, 2000

Submission Deadline: February 15, 1999

Conference Theme: Asia’s Economic Crisis and Beyond: The Impact on
Diasporic Communities

Conference Location:
Kellogg Conference Center
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona, CA

The main theme of this multidisciplinary conference is inspired by Asia’s recent economic crisis. How has the Asian economic crisis impacted established diasporic communities both within and outside Asia?  How has it impacted emerging diaspora communities? Are there general lessons to be learned from the responses or reactions of various diasporic communities to the Asian economic crisis? In addition to the main theme, this conference hopes to explore the broader relationship
between global processes and diasporic communities, both in terms of how global processes shape local communities, and in terms of how local diasporic communities mediate the impact of global processes.

Conference organizers will give preference to proposals that clearly relate to the conference theme. We also encourage proposals that address diasporic issues in comparative perspective, either spatially, assessing their impact across different countries or communities; or historically.

The conference organizers, however, will consider proposals on a broad range of topics. Other suggested topics include:

WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Ethnicity and ethnic identity
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Migration and Diaspora
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Political dimensions of diaspora (role of the state, citizenship, etc.)
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Policy implications
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Transnationalism and diasporic communities
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Foreign workers (comparative studies)
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Historical studies of diaspora in Asia
WB01062_.GIF (249 bytes)  Cultural negotiation (homeland vs. host country; how do diasporic communities influence their homelands?)

Travel and Lodging Subsidy. The conferences organizers plan to provide partial (to full) subsidies for either travel or lodging (including meals) for all participants. The conference site includes a full-service hotel; to qualify for a lodging subsidy, you must stay at the Kellogg West Conference Center, which charges $120 per person single occupancy and $96 per person double occupancy.

Publication of Selected Conference Papers. The conference organizers plan to publish selected conference papers with a major university press following the conference. If you wish your paper to be considered for inclusion, you should submit a complete and publishable version by March

15, 2000. Papers that do not meet this deadline will be considered, but will be give lower priority in the selection process.

Send one-page abstracts to (or for further information contact):

Dr. Mary Yu-Danico
Behavioral Science Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona, CA 91768

Office Telephone: (909) 869-3895


PROPOSAL DEADLINE: February 15, 2000

Name:   ________________________________________________

Affiliation/Position: _______________________________________


Mailing Address: _________________________________________



Phone No.:  _____________________________________________

Fax:   __________________________________________________

E-mail:   ________________________________________________

I plan to (check all that apply):

___ Present Paper
___ Moderate/Chair
___ Organize Panel
___ Observe Only

I would like to apply for a travel/accommodations subsidy: o Yes o No

Title of Presentation/Paper/Panel:


Please Attach an Abstract or Proposal (no more than one page)

Please mail completed proposal to:

Dr. Mary Yu-Danico
Behavioral Science Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona, CA 91768


Dr. Timothy C. Lim
Department of Political Science
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Web Site Address for Conference Information:


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